Re BarCamp Las Vegas 2011

rebarcamp las vegas 2011 re bar campI was signed up to run a 5k run this saturday morning at Santa Clara Swiss Days.  When I went this morning to get my shirt and my number … UGGH!! I realized that I had double-booked my Saturday.

So now the dilemma, do I do the 5k and get in the high 20’s? Getting beat soundly by people twice my age, and younger than 10? or go to RE BarCamp Las Vegas?

I am excited to go to Vegas early Saturday morning and learn and share with all the folks at the REBarCamp.  I’ve got to make sure that my sites are running right and our server for our MLXchange on iPad service is running great so that I can show that to all the great Realtors over in Las Vegas.

I am going to do three specials for this event:

  1. IDX – We are going to have a special promo for adding IDXbroker to your website.  Add IDX to your existing site with  “theme matching” so that IDXbroker looks sharp on your site.   This is a $199 value.  We are doing it for the rest of the month for just $99.  To get started just go to and signup today!
  2. iPad – Do you need to use MLXchange on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Android mobile device?  We have a fast and cool cloud based service that makes MLXchange and other Windows programs like Internet Explorer “just work” on your iPad.  Get this sweet service for just 29 bucks a month.  (2-3 lunches a month).  Sign up during REBarCamp by clicking here, and we will “gift” you the WYSE PocketCloud Pro app (a $14.99 value)
  3. iWork – One of the biggest requests that we are getting is from agents, brokers and Realtors who just need some help getting their website optimized, setting up and email campaign with MailChimp, Constant Contact, or Aweber.  Sometimes they want coaching with one of our remote-control sessions, setting up MLXchange pages, importing/exporting contacts, or anything else.

     Our rates for our professional services are $50 per hour.  We are offering PPH (Pre-paid hours) at the discounted rate of $35 per hour when purchased in blocks of 10 hours.  These are perfect for projects or yearly budgets.

I have had a few folks ask me what is a REBarCamp? So here is what I took right off the official website:

What happens when 30 people are sitting in a room staring at each other without a presenter?  

This is the magic of REBC.

In my experience, a few discussion leaders rise to the occasion and instigate an amazing 45 minute conversation about what they know, are still trying to figure out or how they see the particular topic taking shape within our industry.

We also have a “Two Feet” rule with REBC, which basically means that you can use your two feet and  find another discussion to participate in if you’re not getting the value you want.

However, I’d like to challenge you to take responsibility for your education within a room if it’s about a topic that you really want to learn about.  Basically, if the conversation gets off topic or isn’t answering your specific questions, jump in and share your voice.

What if everyone submits the same topic for discussion?

The event organizers will anticipate some overlap between different topics and will work hard to ensure there is a great mix of relevant industry related discussions from Web 2.0 to Short Sale marketing in order to give every attendee an awesome experience.

I’m not a tech-savvy agent, so is this event for me?

Most attendees are fairly new to the web, and REBC will give you an opportunity to network with other real estate professionals that are either at your level or willing to show you the ropes.

Why would I want to share my marketing secrets with local competitors? 

If you need an explanation to that question, then REBC is not a place for you.  In all fairness, we’d recommend that you save one of the 200 tickets for the few who actually get it.

We are a tight network of local real estate professionals who are working together to make a positive impact on our industry and economy.

With over 12000 licensed agents, plus another several thousand mortgage, title and marketing professionals all competing for business in Clark County, NV, a small networking group of 200 becomes a powerful mastermind / force that can help change the public’s perception of our industry.


The thrill is just not having a super structured environment or even like some of the CE classes I have taken where we are forced to listen to some crusty broker ramble on for 6 hours.

We are all taking cans of food for the Rescue Mission in Las Vegas too.  So what better way to help yourself and help someone else.

I will put some information up about what I learned.  I will take great notes so that I can share with you.  If you want the PDF of my notes, just sign up in the form below.


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